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Nepal Temples

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Nepal Temples
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Oct 10, 2001


Nepal Temple Balls, hand rolled.


Dark exterior, oily and squidgy. Uniformity inside displays some fine and very patient pressing; you can see it in the level of pureness. When burned luxuriously rich strands of smoke force upwards parting clear air with swirling blueish-grey columns.


Peppery marinated beef jerky smell. Still sweet and incense-like as the fog settles in the room. A spiritual high clouds misty mystique kinda smell. YeYa, am i stoned.


A bit of a salty flav with a lovely soft mint aftertaste. The two tastes don't normally come together. Unique. There's a soft IceDrip that forms in the back of the throat.


After 10 minutes I began to feel light headed and a bit giggly. My heart rate seemed to change a bit faster. Uplifting and energy charged.


Not sleepy at all. I really liked the flavour and "clean" production. I rolled it into spaghetti (see B.D.T.S.) and lit it up and let it burn in my fingers to give it the ol' S-Guide Hash Test. The smoke looked so inviting I began inhaling it straight from my fingers. Pipeless Puffin'! Dark lovers grab some o' this!!!

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