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Rif Delight

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Rif Delight
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Jul 18, 2003


Fine Moroccan Polm from the Rif Valley.


Very light and powdery, yet "hard-blocked" and solid to the touch. It feels kinda "dusty" in a good way. Yellowish-brown, medium fatty, not real oily and over-pressed but also not too dry either when you begin to crumble it up.


The smell outta the bag is very perfumed and somewhat "buttery", almost like a marzipan with lemon zest; flowery and fresh. Burns easily and makes a big polm funk!


A bit "sandy" and really perfumed. Yum. Salty but also spicy. You may feel a light buzz in the back of your throat without leaving too much of a harsh burn. That's nice.


"Don't let the light taste fool ya"� This gear gets you into a trippy zone. You feel quite euphoric for a super polm. It's a "watch out" effect, cos this can have you acting a bit careless!


This fine pressed polm really makes you feel like you are on a space mission. Kind of floating, in an out-of-body experience but only like a meter away; not too high! There is a relaxing and subtle feel that has ya goin� with the flow�.

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