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Black Gold

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Black Gold
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Free Adam

shop profile Oude Hoogstraat 13


Oct 10, 2001




Shiny outter layer, a bit lighter interior. Thinly sliced and smoothly pressed; no inconsistency of colour all the way through. Breaks up more like a polm.


A lovely chocolate-mint scent. When burned I smelled a little contamination but it wasn't so bad.


Easy to inhale; light on the throat. I tasted a bit of an orange flavour which is quite rare for hash. I enjoyed this smoke with a shot of Bailey's on ice.... Perfect!


The high is a bit dizzying. It seems like a head high at first, but within 10 minutes your body begins to feel heavy with more of a lightly drunk feeling. The high is not too long lasting but there is a slightly tiring effect afterward.


For someone used to polm this offers a nice transition toward darker gear. At fl. 25 for 3 grams this stuff is quite a bargain!

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