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Black Manali

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Black Manali
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Oct 10, 2001




Looks good at first look: Soft, chocolate looking, medium dark interior. Shiny exterior. On closer inspection, a few chunks of "UNSO's" (Unidentified Non-Smokeable Objects) were discovered amongst the resin, besides the occasional hair... Uh Oh!


Lightly spicy with a soft earthy scent. Not too strong outta the bag and it's not til you are breaking it up that the odor is detected.


Smooth flava considering the impurities I found. A salty taste and not very spicy.


Some sort of residue covers the throat, slightly numbing it for about 5 minutes. This was a strange feeling; I am not quite sure if this is because of some of the additives or if it had to do with the impurities, but I wasn't too stoked on it... (I woulda liked it if I knew it was naturally induced) The high was very light and soft on the eyes. I felt like closing my eyes, relaxing and not thinking about what was in this stuff.


Manali's always have a bit of plant material that falls in during the collection process but this was a little over-the-top! I was a bit worried about smoking those UNSO's to begin with; the odd chemical/numbing sensation did nothing to calm my nerves. This gear seemed foul. Not quite sure why I continued to smoke it. Normally I would leave a black hash like this burning in the tray.

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