Terpene-infused Wine: Les Quatre Vins awarded at Spannabis 2018

In the cannabis industry there are so many similar products, so we really love it when something new and unique comes out. When they do it twice, well that’s just impressive, especially if each one becomes a best-seller and award winner!


As most smokers know, it’s the terpenes that give cannabis its taste and aroma. Terpenes are often what separates good and bad quality cannabis. Terpene infused products have the flavor of cannabis strains, without any psychoactive effects.

Winning yet another award for best new product, its creator, Enrico Bouchard, first came to prominence in the cannabis industry with the Sublimator. This Vancouver-based company won awards at both Spannabis cup’s in 2015. Now in 2018 they’ve earned a third, with another best new product award at Spannabis Barcelona 2018 where they launched their product into Europe.  

Les Quatre Vins offers a line of terpene-infused sparkling wine and cava influenced by Spain’s best cannabis and France’s finest wines. In French, Les Quatre Vins means the four wines, but it also sounds like “quatre vingt”, which means eighty but literally translates as four twenty. If you want something a little classier than cola to go with your smoke go check out Les Quatre Vins!


Stay tuned for our Smokers Guide review of Les Quatre Vins cava, coming soon!