Everything you need to know about e-shishas

E-shishas: How do they work and why do people use them? Find out in this article.

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The introduction of e-shishas has radically changed the smoking market. E-shishas are a light, cheap, and possibly less harmful product to “smoke” than regular cigarettes.


Find out what an e-shisha is, how it works, and what to consider before buying an e-shisha.


What Is an E-shisha?

An e-shisha or e-hookah is an electronic device that mimics a cigarette. The user can inhale the vapor that may contain nicotine, flavorings, solvents, and other chemicals like propylene glycol. This might sound like a harmful ingredient, but it is actually found naturally in a lot of food products. Propylene glycol produces the vapor that comes out of the e-shisha and is non-toxic.


E-shishas are similar to e-cigarettes; both products produce vapors that can be flavored by means of an 'e-liquid'. An e-shisha and e-cig can both be battery powered, but e-shishas usually have flavors where e-cigs are also available with just tobacco flavor.


E-shishas come in many forms, such as pipes and pens. The most common form is the pipe, which is small and light, and, therefore, easy to carry around. E-shishas are a good alternative for those who like to smoke but want to add a little extra flavor to their cigarette. They can also help those trying to stop smoking, as there are kinds of e-shishas available without the addictive ingredient nicotine. The e-shisha will trick the mind into thinking it’s smoking, without the user actually inhaling nicotine.
How Does an E-shisha Work?


Most e-shishas are battery-powered. Some can be recharged whereas some have a battery that cannot be reloaded. These kinds of e-shishas are usually advertised with the number of inhalations they provide before running out of battery. Most e-cigarettes come with a cartridge filled with liquid propylene glycol and other ingredients, such as nicotine or other flavors or chemicals.


When the user inhales, the liquid in the cartridge gets heated and turns into vapor. Just like with the smoke of a normal cigarette, the user inhales the vapor and vows it out again. Some cartridges need to be replaced, and sometimes the entire e-shisha needs to be replaced. Cartridges can also be filled with marijuana.


Why Use an E-shisha?

There are several reasons why people like to use e-shisha. However, the e-cigarette market is developing rapidly and new products are put on the market regularly. Not all of these products have been fully tested and not all health problems and benefits have been researched, so it is unsure whether certain claims are true.


E-shishas can contribute to stopping smoking cigarettes

Some people feel that smoking e-shishas can help them stop smoking. Just like some people start to suck on lollipops to stop smoking, smoking an e-shisha is considered helpful as well. When you feel the urge to smoke, simply whip out your e-shisha without nicotine. You might feel satisfied because, as already mentioned, you trick your brain into thinking it's smoking, while not inhaling any nicotine. After a while of not using nicotine, you might stop feeling the urge to smoke because your body hasn’t used nicotine for a while.


E-shishas may contain less harmful substances than cigarettes


If you want, you can purchase an e-shisha without any nicotine or with a lowered amount of nicotine. Besides less nicotine, e-cigarettes contain no tobacco, tar, and other harmful toxins. Therefore, smoking e-shishas is considered to be less harmful than smoking a real cigarette containing all of the bad substances named before.


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