Experiencing Burnt Taste While Vaping? Here’s How You Can Avoid it (2023)

For all those who indulge in vaping, experiencing a burning taste when trying to enjoy yourself is unsatisfying. Especially for beginner vapers, if they experience a burning taste, they will be hesitant to continue vaping further.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the cause of why users are experiencing a burning taste. There are several reasons this may take place:


Insufficient Vape Juice

When the vape device has the bare minimum liquid left over, it may release a burning taste when users heat the extracts. It may not be enough to cover a reasonable vape hit and lead to a burning taste due to excessive heat on the compounds.


Failing to Prime Vape Coil

Users should soak their vape coil with the concentrate before the heat becomes fumes. If this doesn't happen, the cotton element will stay dry, leading to a burning taste when you turn on the heat for your vape device.


Excessive Wattage

Every vaping device and coil is customized to tolerate a particular power level during heating. If the temperatures exceed this level, it may lead to a burning taste from overheating the concentrates or dry herbs within the vape device.


Dry Disposable Wick

If you use a disposable vape device instead of the wick used to heat concentrates and release vapor, it can produce a burning taste if dried up. Since these devices are meant for one-time use, you will have to replace your vape and get a new one.


How to Avoid the Burning Taste When Vaping?

If you've experienced a burning taste from vaping before or are currently experiencing it, do not worry. It is a simple process to remove the taste and make your vape experience more enjoyable.


- Prime the Coils

It is the most efficient way to get rid of any burning taste. When using a new coil in your vape device, allow it to sit still and thoroughly soak up the concentrates in the tank. It will help you to avoid any dryness, and the coil will heat up efficiently to provide flavorful fumes, thus eliminating any burning taste.


- Vape with Gaps

Another way to avoid a burning taste is to keep spaces between each hit you take. A 15-20 seconds gap between a hit will allow the cotton bacon on the coil in your conceal vape pen to replenish itself with the concentrate, leading to a rich, flavorful experience.


- Keep Refills in Hand

When you see your vape device running out of concentrate, refill it in time. You do not want to use the previous concentrates' end remains, which will provide a burning taste when overheated. Hence, make sure to refill your device periodically. You can use a vape cartridge holder to store them efficiently.


- Ensure Proper Wattage

When using new coils in your vape devices, you have to ensure that it is compatible with the wattage levels of your device. You do not want to use a coil and have access to heat given to it, which can lead to a burning taste.


- Keep the Cotton Bacon Soaked

You want to ensure that the cotton bacon on the wick remains soaked with concentrate before providing any heat. A dried-up wick means that it will overheat and produce a burning taste. Hence, always keep an eye on the condition of the cotton base before using your vape device.



When using a vape device, you must be mindful of its use and its components. If you aren't cautious, then you may end up experiencing a burning taste that is unpleasant, leading to an unsatisfying vape experience.

If you've experienced a burning flavor before, it's time to see how you can conveniently eliminate it. By following these few tips we've listed above, you will know how to maintain and keep your vape device and take the best measures to eliminate any burning smell or taste. With this, you will be able to enjoy your vaping experience and only achieve the most flavorful results from your device.


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