10 Award-Winning E Liquids of 2020

It's no secret that vaping has been one of the most popular trends in the past few years.

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One of the reasons for that is the endless choices when it comes to e-liquids. No matter what your personal preference may be, the market has hundreds of fantastic e-juice flavors able to turn every vaping experience into something special. Finding the one that suits your needs best can be a little complicated with so many available choices. So, if you want to try something really special and unique, here's a list of a few award-winning e-liquid choices you can try today.


Sweet Chewy Fruits & Candy

The first flavor on our list and one you should try as soon as possible is a mix of sweet chewy fruits and candy. The unique flavor is unbelievably delicious, completely shadowing all similar flavors on the market. The fantastic mix of chewy fruits and sweet, tasty candy provides a perfect flavor for all those that have a sweet tooth. One puff and you'll be hooked for months.


Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava

Mixing these three popular flavors resulted in a fantastic new flavor that blew away everyone who tried it. The new flavor makes you feel like you're eating your favorite fruits on a Hawaiian beach, and it took the world by storm. Not only does it provide a fantastic flavor, but it's also made from the best possible ingredients that offer a unique vaping experience.
Most vapers agree that this unique mix of flavors is among the best mixes ever created. The fruity taste of passion fruit and orange gives you that sweet taste, while guava provides a powerful punch.


Creamy Vanilla Custard

You can go to any online store, and the chances are that you'll run into the Creamy Vanilla Custard flavor. It's a hugely popular flavor among vapers in the US as it provides a unique vaping experience that is as tasty as the real thing. The flavor does a great job of mixing the popular vanilla flavor with custard, providing a rich, smooth taste and a fantastic vaping experience. One of the best things about this e-juice is the scent left after you exhale. It's so sweet and tasty, even those who don't vape will want to try it.


Natural Strawberry Extract & A Mix Of 4 Unique Creams

Also known as Unicorn Milk, this flavor is one of the most popular choices among vapers for years. Strawberry e-juices are very popular everywhere, and the added four different creams make this mix a must for millions of people. The taste it provides is just as epic and mythical as the name of the mix. The vaping experience is smooth and relaxing, and it makes you feel happy, no matter what time of the day you taste it.


Sweet & Tart Blueberry Candy

The unique flavor of sweet and tart blueberry candy quickly rose to the list of the market's best e-juices. It provides almost the same taste as the ever-popular AirHeads candy, bringing a super-rich flavor that made it so popular among vapers worldwide. Go slow with this flavor because it's so good, most people burn through 100ml bottles in a matter of days.


Strawberries, Apples & Peaches

Another trendy fruity flavor is a blend of three of the tastiest fruits on the planet. The mix itself is nothing new, but it's still one of the most popular choices amongst vapers everywhere. Why? Well, there's something special about the flavors of these three fruits when mixed together. Every time you inhale and exhale, you will feel like a kid on the funfair. This e-liquid is smooth, sweet, and mind-blowingly tasty.


Apricot Yoghurt

The apricot yogurt e-juice flavor is a popular choice in Europe, especially since people there really like yogurt. The mix is made from two premium flavors providing a smooth vaping experience that reminds you of hot summer days. The taste is sweet and very soft, making every vaping experience refreshing and very enjoyable.


Coconut, Pineapple & Strawberries

The unique mix of these three fruity flavors is called Lava Flow, but instead of lava, the only thing that flows when you try it is water from your mouth. First, you're hit with the mix of strawberry and coconut, followed by the sweet taste of pineapple as you exhale. The final result is a mix of sweet flavors, soft taste, and a perfect aftertaste. Another choice that won't disappoint you.


Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Let's face the fact that everyone loves the smell and taste of cinnamon, especially during the holiday season. When you top that off with the funnel cake flavor, the result is a beautiful mix of flavors that activate your taste buds with every puff. The taste is sweet, and every time you exhale, you will leave a lingering smell that will remind you of Christmas morning.


Strawberry Jam And Warm Butter Toast

Are you looking for a flavor that pulls you right back to your childhood? Well, this one tastes just like a warm butter toast with strawberry jam on top. It's buttery, sweet, and simply amazing. You will want to inhale it all day long because it never gets boring. Give it a try, and you will see your entire childhood flash before your eyes.


The Bottom Line

All of the flavors above are considered the best you can try today. They provide unique flavors and a fantastic vaping experience that will make you forget about all other e-juices on the market. They might be a little expensive, but trust us, every drop is well worth the price. Have fun experimenting!


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