What Gives Cannabis a Medical Status?

Marijuana is one of the most popular weeds worldwide. People from centuries use it for many reasons - beginning with its relaxing effects ending on medical purposes. The real renaissance of cannabis has its place in the USA in the seventies.

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Unfortunately, there were lots of cases of overdosing that lead to unpleasant situations - fights, murders, thefts, and much more aggression-connected behaviors. Since these times, access to marijuana products has been narrowed as much as possible. In the majority of countries, marijuana is still illegal. There are numerous researchers on how these plants influence the human body and mind, but still, there is no right answer.

If it comes to medical marijuana, the situation looks a little bit different. Of course, it still stirs up strong emotions among scientists, doctors, and politicians. People wonder if taking marijuana is safe, how it impacts the body in a long term perspective, and if others will use it only for medical purposes or they will overuse this possibility. Currently, marijuana is legal in twenty-nine states, and researches found that over several million citizens are using it. Thanks to this, you can find professional stores or websites that sell cannabis. One of them is North Dispensary Las Vegas. Visit this website and learn more about cannabis-based products, have them delivered or use curbside pickup!


Marijuana without the High-Effect

The marijuana plant contains over a hundred various chemicals called cannabinoids. Each one has distinct effects on the body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are two main chemicals used in medicine. THC also produces a feeling of relaxation when they take marijuana. The extract from the marijuana plant known as cannabidiol is used frequently when it comes to medical purposes. Why? It has a small component of THC, and this means that patients will report very little or even no alteration in consciousness. Surprisingly, CBD has a significant impact on lowering the side effects of some illnesses, like anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, epilepsy, or constant pain.


Uses of Medical Marijuana

The most popular common of medical marijuana usage is for pain control. What is worth noting, cannabis will not treat the illness, it only influences some side effects or overall well-being. It is useful for chronic pain, especially the one connected with the worsened condition of the body due to aging. The human body produces molecules called endogenous cannabinoids that fit into special receptors. This system is involved in brain functions like memory, fear, and sleep. THC and CBD have a similar structure to endogenous cannabinoids. Thanks to that, they can interact with the endocannabinoid system and influence many biological-cognitive processes. Cannabis-based products also lower the need to take opioids. Thanks to cannabis that stabilize blood sugars, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure, there is no need to use opioids in the same doses as before. Of course, after the doctor's agreement. It is showed that marijuana products had helped patients struggling with ADHD, depression, or multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana is said to be a muscle relaxant, and people tell highlight its ability to lessen tremors in Crohn's and Parkinson's disease. It is also used to manage nausea, and it may treat glaucoma. One of the most exciting issues connected with medical marijuana is its impact on patients who have PTSD. Marijuana is said to minimize nightmares that occur in post-traumatic syndrome patients. As it influences the nervous system, it reduces the feeling of fear, irritability, and general sadness.
The FDA has only approved dronabinol, cannabidiol, and nabilone for the treatment of rare forms of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, epilepsy, and Dravet syndrome.


How to get Medical Marijuana?

To get cannabis, you will need a written recommendation from a doctor, of course, in states that it is legal. Like it was said before, there are a lot of people from various professions who do not trust and do not want to use marijuana as a medical treatment. Second of all, your bodily conditions - overall health, age, weight, any illnesses - have to be qualified. You should always remember that taking marijuana on your own may end up with unpleasant effects. You do not know how the chemicals in cannabis will react with your immune, cardiovascular and cognitive systems.


How to Take-It?

There are lots of ways to take medical marijuana. According to your health conditions, there may be better and more beneficial methods of taking it. You should keep in mind that every method works differently in your body, so the effects of your smoking can drastically differentiate from its impact on someone else. You can smoke it, inhale through the vaporizer, make edibles, apply it as an oil or lotion, or put some extract under your tongue.

As you can see, there are lots of issues to think about while considering the usage of medical marijuana. If you find yourself in need of cannabis, remember always to consult it with your doctor. Try to be as responsible as possible.


Author: Zuzanna Kozłowska





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