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15 votes Arabica Review Rating: 7.6 out of 10 based on 15 votes.


Amstelstraat 45
1017 DA Amsterdam

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Arabica is in the heart of the city, right off the Rembrandtplein.

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  • 7.5

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Great Place

Found this place after the Amsterdam ice bar. Best weed so far on this week long trip to the Dam. Great service took the time to chat about his weed. Will definitely be back in next few days and again on the next trips from Australia  Full details


  • 7.7

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liked it, will go back n spliff one up for JAH..

a chill vibe wit mosaic tiled tables n nice arabic pillows to chill on n sink deep YAH MAANMarijuana menu: all of the current n best strains but most of the big hazes were OUT. werd to da wise bro... but otherwise exactly wat I wanted to see maanService & staff: service was solid.... n the vibe was... Full details


  • 5.3

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A dark vibe with little soul.

A dark vibe with little soul.Marijuana menu: OK but nothing wowService & staff: okSummary : Full details


  • 10.0

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well overall a real must 4

really good u can put your own tunes on and sit and relax why the sexy bar maid rolls yourspliffs all night .. superb the first i visited . i broke away from the group i was with and found this little gold mine... the gear is superb ... the best Marijuana menu: very old skool .. i was impressed by the hash ... Full details



Many polms are "the same ol� shit", but ones like this that come from reputable Moroccan families really set... go

This one’s a shocker! Once you get past its sad exterior, you will be in for a really spacey,... go