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Crystal Maroc

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Crystal Maroc
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Jun 4, 2004


Moroccan Super Polm


This is very clean and really nice and oily. Cut thinly, with a darker "skin", any pro can easily tell this is "top shelf". If you look closely at the photo, you can see the areas in the "fudgey layers" where the oils have been pressed just so slightly enough to become shiny. Good sign...


It smells like a blend of pollen and cocoa with a slightly acidic-paper edge. It is still very fresh, and that is easy to spot with your nose as you crack a piece of this gear apart.


The taste is exactly what I look for when I choose for polm; fresh, clean and perfumed-minty. Delicious! I had a picnic with a friend; she brought a bottle of Ros� that was cooled to the right temp, and we rolled two of these (she likes different tobacco) and sat back and enjoyed a "proper" blending of flav's�


After a hard week of work, there is nothing finer than cooling your soul with some tasty Maroc. The picnic was in the Amsterdam Bos, a "forest" just outside of A�dam near Schiphol. The weather was warm, the breeze was minimal and the FX of the polm just settled us right into chill mode!


Many polms are "the same ol� shit", but ones like this that come from reputable Moroccan families really set themselves apart. Really choice toke-material!

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