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Diesel Haze

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Diesel Haze
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Nov 19, 2003


Mainly Sativa hybrid.


These things look kinda “Creepy”! Spindly, tiny, thin sword-leafed, loose formed buds are pretty much the norm in this batch. The photo was of some of the more solid nugs! Medium-dark green with tiny little reddish hairs and a decent amount of fine “grainy” type crystals. The pieces we had were like fine porcelain; you better not carry it around in your pocket or it’ll be reduced to dust! It was really dry (which I like once in awhile!) and crumbled easily. At first glance, you may be a little un-enthusiastic about its potential, but don’t let the looks of this weed fool you!


There is that fuel-chemical smell that you can recognize from Diesel Haze strains. When it burns, a joint releases a much stronger scent than you get from sticking your nose in da bag. Straight hazey, wildflower with a bit of sandalwood in the light smoke released.


You have to search VERY hard for any real flavour when you toke this in a vapouriser. When I found it, there was a really nice citral flav, which is a pleasant surprise, given the acrid smell! The aftertaste was like a soft pine-wood and earth; like the flavour you get in your mouth when you ride down a dusty forest trail.


Only serious smokers need apply! VERY trippy. No, stoned. No, wait, it IS trippy! You feel trapped in your body, cos it's not able to move but your brain’s going into 5th gear at high-speed! I felt like Stephen Hawking!


This one’s a shocker! Once you get past its sad exterior, you will be in for a really spacey, tripped-out rollercoaster type of high. If you are here for the Cup, don’t miss this probable entry for 2003. Me likes…

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