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O.Z. Voorburgwal 141

Review and Rating by matt

review created on : 30 Nov 02
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well enought said i think ..

real dive its a must see just so you can see the shit side of coffee shops. the bar man is a wanker he actualy through the menu at me a real head case.. the music is good if you like death metal and the place certainly needs a clean ... make your decision
Marijuana menu: goooooooooooddddddddd skunk and nepal hash . nothing else good about it..oh and the bar man a real angry hells angel bastard.!
Service & staff: is there any customer service cus i didnt see any .. its like smoking in his house a real dive. a real bitch to get his attension and a real load of stares wen you get in there. its like you slept with his long lost BOYFRIEND wat a shit hole ..SORRY GUYs
Summary : well enought said i think ... wouldnt suprise me if he is out of business by next week .... you have got to laugh about it really this place is SHIT .real dose suck eggs...any people from england stay well away theres far far far far better just down the ????

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review created on : 30 Nov 02

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