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Abraxas Coffeshop

Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14

Review and Rating by DrKang

review created on : 29 Apr 02
  • 10.0
marijuana menu
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  • 8.0

Just a nice place to hang out

Fun place to explore--3 different levels with different rooms (if I recall properly). I really enjoyed the top level sitting next to a mini-grow room.
Marijuana menu: The menu was pretty good and I remember enjoying what we smoked-wish I could remember what it was exactly.
Service & staff: The staff there was pretty cool. A bit hurried, but this place always seemed to be busy. I admire the quick reflexes of one of the young servers there as she threw a garbage can at a young Brit just before he threw up. Good eye!
Summary : Just a nice place to hang out. Plenty to do from watching cartoons to playing chess to watching beautiful bushes grow.... Just be careful walking down/up the spiral stairs!

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review created on : 29 Apr 02

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