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Lange Niezel 25

Review and Rating by CarolynDPS

review created on : 26 Apr 02
  • 8.0
marijuana menu
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customer service
  • 9.0

I loved everything about this shop except the location

Very cozy but doesn't send you to that "zone". Email me to chat more about Highway:
Marijuana menu: Great menu
Service & staff: I really wanted to give this place a 10 but the bartenders tended to be antisocial. The "pot guy" was outstanding. Helped me make a great selection of the Orange Bud. This guy even went the extra mile to give me a Dutch rolling lesson. Fantastic!
Summary : I loved everything about this shop except the location. Red Light can get a little spooky for female travelers. However, the menu is great. The staff extremely helpful, again with the exception of the bar staff. Also Ladies...if you are looking for so????????? ?????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????W?? ????????????????? ??�????????????????????????????Item???Count?????????

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review created on : 26 Apr 02

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