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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2

Review and Rating by scottie_the_aussie

review created on : 26 Feb 02
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I was very disappointed with this place. Had read so much about it. Got there and it is tiny. 3 tables jammed next to each other. Just enough room for me to squeeze in to buy some gear and get out of there.
Marijuana menu: Again a disappointment. Had read good things about their AK-47. I was with 2 other experienced smokers who were not impressed either.
Service & staff: Can't rate it too high as I just managed to get some gear and leave.
Summary : OK. 2 yanks who have fulfilled their dream of opening a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The 2 minutes I was in there all they did was talk about the different green they had smoked over the last couple of weeks. Have to question that!!!!

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review created on : 26 Feb 02

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