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Pure Xtracts 1.0ml XJ-13 Cartridge

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Pure Xtracts 1.0ml XJ-13 Cartridge
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Review by Stoney Griffin -

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Barbary Coast

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Jan 21, 2018


 I bought this at Barbary Coast.  Normally this would cost $65 which is mid-range as far as the cartridges they offer but it is a full gram which is nice!  I did not pay $65 because the people at BC gave me a credit because of a malfunctioning cartridge I was returning.  They also recommended I buy one of their batteries which they had just gotten upgraded ones (pic included) 


It is a high grade plastice mouth piece which I prefer compared to the metal mouthpieces.  I always feel like I am going to chip a tooth with them! The oil is very light in color which I normally associate with being less additive filled.   The packaging has all the % information for THC, CPD and it was the first time i noticed a percentage for TAC.  


The smell of the oil has some floral notes but not in a perfumey sort of way.   


The taste is great.  Definitely some nice citrus notes!  Doesn't have any after taste of CO2 or butane like so many oils seem too.   


I took four decent sized hits and I definitely was pretty lit! Focused high but still producing those heavy eyes which I was not expecting with a Sativa strain, however I am glad it did not give me the jitters! :-) 


I would definitely buy this again! Great quality and a better buy for the money! And I want to try out some of their other strains as well.  

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