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The Green Place

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Nov 17, 2008


Indica, Bio, DNA seeds.


As soon as you see it, you can't miss the heavy crystal covering that turns the green nearly white all over. The buds are small and very well manicured; the larger leaves are removed to display the inner ones sparsely decked with tiny and very SHORT orange brown hairs mainly found at the tips of the buds. Rounded in shape and not too large, these buds are still very dense and very sticky. So much so, that you are best off using a grinder to get these ready for rolling a reefer.


Skunk scented, and a bit sour. There isthe familiar (always laugh when I think this is "normal") cat-piss smell that lingers somewhere in the background.


The dry hit casuses you to "pucker up" cos it is a bit sour and a bit lemony. On the burn, it releases massive amounts of smoke and fills the air with a strong floral and spice smell. The flav was SO hard for me to pinpoint but it is something obviously familiar like Eucalyptus mixed with some sort of ammonia cleanser. The taste is strong but is best complimented with a nice cup of lemon tea.


The FX hit me quickly and showed no mercy; I was pretty slammed before I even got my 5th draw off of the reefer! This is certainly not for beginners.


I can't explain how impressed I was with this weed. I found this weed to be DELICIOUS and VERY consistent in quality throughout the last few months. The Green Place is a must visit if you are anywhere in the neigbourhood of the RLD, or the Waterlooplein flea market as the Nieuwmarkt (Market Square) is a short walk away. Like the sticker on their bags, the Green Place has 5-Star gear on their menu throughout the year!

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The Green Place

Kloveniersburgwal 4
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