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LA Confidential
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De Bolhoed

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Jun 18, 2009


DNA Genetics. Bio. Indica. (Although it is accidentally listed as a Sativa on the Hunter's menu.), €10.50 p/gram


It is clear to see these are very dense, well-formed pine-cone shaped buds and are tough to break up. The colour is light green and scattered around are longer brown-reddish hairs poking out from under a few larger leaves left on during clipping. Zillions of crystals can be seen with the naked eye and under a loop, you can see that they are all at perfect maturation... just ready to smoke!


Oddly enough, as I first opened the bag, I got a faint scent of fried chicken! I am serious, I don't know where this came from (No, I wasn't near any snack bars!) but it was a unique experience. After the KFC moment passed and I started to dig in and break up, the scent turned softly flowery with heavier gingery-skunk scents taking over.


There is a flower pollen flavour in here a bit that makes your throat a bit "heavy". It's a bit similar in taste to a Power Plant or White Widow in its crystal "iciness". Overall, it was very hard to inhale and even harder to contain!


FX are blurry, kind of trippy, yet all the while a bit "settling". It's almost as if a stronger force of gravity is pushing down on your eyes and the top of your head. These feelings are intense and come on rather quickly after taking a toke or two. I felt weighted down by this herb. (If you look in the Smokers Guide article "Which Weed For You?", you can see the graphic chart.) I was relaxed, yet felt energetic, a bit dopey yet still able to concentrate if needed. In fact, this weed had many contradictory FX on my body and mind. Perhaps it was just my mood�


This weed seems perfect for heavy users who want to have some trippy moments but still need to focus and function (somewhat) normally later. The visuals began VERY strong and settled down to a relaxed, settled state. All in all, this was a great ride! Hunter's version of LA Con is certainly a winner and the price makes it even more of a "can't miss".

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De Bolhoed

Prinsengracht 60-62
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