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Feb 14, 2008


Moroccan "super" polm, first sieve pressed.


When I get a piece of hash like this, I feel a smile come over my face. It looks so delicious to me. The structure of this sample is a bit misleading because it looks like it was hard pressed (as you can see from the lack of "layers" in the photo at right) BUT as it breaks apart, the inner layers shine with the full glory of the THC crystals and you realise that the press was not too heavy. Undoubtedly, this was made from the highest quality kif plants.


The smell is freshly pepper-minted with a soft incense scent. As it burns there is no doubt that this gear is about as clean as it can get. The room is filled with a heavy cloud that hovers ominously. ;)


Taste-wise, it definitely has the benefit of being sun-dried. That process often can result in a "dusty" flav that can be often a bit harsh to smoke but in this case, the oil content is SO strong that the dryness balances it perfectly.


It didn't take long for a lovely relaxed "wave" to hit me. I was a bit wound up from a tough day at work and it was only a few minutes after some short draws on a mini-joint of this and I was like�. Aaaaahhhhhh. :) This Hia has me feeling real nice and that was no easy task after such a crappy week!


You gotta love the fact that great solids like these are still available outside of Morocco. All you have to do is make it over to the Nieuwmarkt and sit your ass down in the lovely Green Place coffeeshop; it has all the style of a modern coffeeshop with all the luxury of a well-kept lounge bar. This is the perfect place to kick back with a special person, relaxed and cozy in a corner booth� ;)

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