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Oct 25, 2002


Fine polm from Morocco. Considering this shop is from another town, here's a lil' BDoc history: I was in the east of our country last month, having a break from A'dam. On the way to my aunt's house we stopped in Zwolle and looked for a coffeeshop to spliff up in. Zwolle is a very quiet, very quaint, very old, water-ringed city. We stopped by a small side-street near the original fortifications, and ducked into a shop called ZeroZero. The staff was relaxed; there were heaps o' locals and they were smokin some N. African perfume. I had to buy some:


Light brown and more "pressed" looking; not layered with a cake-like style. More oily than powdery which is great for such a light coloured polm. This was looking lovely, and the price was getting better and better as I began skinning up.


The smell was literally bursting out of the bag; almost as pungent as a freshly clipped weed, this polm had my windbags raring for a go, knowing they were gonna have a treat.


Yes-I, smooth as can be. I don't know if it was the fact I was off to see my crazy ol' aunt or what, but I was really psyched to have such a nice hash to try outta my usual A'dam habitat. There was a serious minty-perfumed drip that collected in my throat, once again proving how potent this gear was.


I liked the FX because it had me chilled out and just cruising. I hopped in the passenger seat and let my non-stoned tour guide drive me onward. Things in my outter eye were a bit blurry and ny heart rate seemed a notch or two below the norm. Chillin', cruise controlled at 100 km/h (20 below the speed limit), I felt like we were on the autobahn!


A really nice surprise. I was hoping to take a break from smoking, but it was not to be; I smelled the wafts of fine Hia polm and was frozen in my tracks. So much for a non-smoking holiday; the BushDoc simply couldn't manage without this time!

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