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Crimea Blue

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Crimea Blue
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Nov 28, 2007


Primarily Indica, bio.


Mates, look at this bud on the photo at right... gorgeous isn't it???The first things we saw were the well shaped calyxes. These are some serious "grape clusters"; with strong rigid coli's that are completely covered with crystals. The bud we received for a sample looked like the torch on the Statue of Liberty. All the hairs are standing properly straight up which proves they are perfectly mature. The colours on the leaves are darkish green and get a bit yellowish in the interior because of the huge amount of crystals.


The scent is so fresh and sweet, it nearly makes your mouth water when you start to break it up for a joint.This is exactly the type of weed that would be great to introduce at a dinner party because it has such a unique bouquet.


Flavour-wise it's similar to a Stella Blue if you remember it from 2003; certainly not to be confused with Blueberry. When you put it in your vapourisor, it's just like smoking a gas...You can almost call this a "peaceful mustard gas", as it burns the hell of your lungs when you take a big drag!


FX wise, this is nearly like taking hard drugs... This is how I�d imagine it would be like to smoke opium... well, as close as it probably gets anyway. You have strong "gravity issues" that seem to take hold of your body and SLAM you down! If you try to rise up, you have got to really pull yourself up... ;)


Overall, this looks like a pumped up version of Stella Blue, which was popular with the locals a few years ago. That bud from Barney's was incredible and this is even better! The flav is great, the FX are very intense and heavy and with this weed YOU KNOW you are stoned! I imagine this will do very well during the 2007 Cannabis Cup!

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