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Jack Herrer

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Jack Herrer
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Het Oerwoud

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May 11, 2007


Jack Herrer strain, Sativa-Indica hybrid, Bio.


It looks like a well-cured sample with a light green colour and BUNCHES of coli that are light orange and fuzzy. The buds are pretty dense but not rocky. The bigger fan-leaves still have powder and crystals all over them. It breaks up easily but doesn't turn to powder which is a good sign...


The scent is farm fresh, like a good weed should be. There is a flowery smell and a very potent "crystal". As it burns, a rich smell fills the room like a skunk got hit by a car. The smoke floats around the room like your bod does...


Damn this weed really makes your eyeballs float! If you tilt your head back after a big hit of this gear, you are almost in space. There are moments where you could feel nearly dizzy; this isn't one you want to have a lot of drinks with as you'd be liable to be hitting the ground sooner than later...


Short-lasting yet very intense FX from this weed. Some people say that the Warmoesstraat is not the best for choice menus but places like Het Oerwoud still have something great to offer. (I recall the ol'daze, blowin' fatties of their Shiva with a small beer in hand as I sat around their trippy "Jungle Bar"). Since April 1st forced them "dry", I decided to go for a walk up the street and check out the "sister bar" Pinockio. I blazed up a spliff there with a tall ICE Heineken draft and all was well. :)


Overall, this gear makes you feel completely out of it! It has a very "airy" feel, like you are floating in the clouds. It is a great smoke to feel totally tweaked for a good 40 minutes and then come down nice and easy without feeling crappy. The fact that it costs €7.50 per gram makes it the finest deal in the RedLight District!

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