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Jack Herer (3)
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Oct 10, 2001


Indica/Sativa hybrid. Hydro.


Heavily powder-crystal covered. Almost like a "White" strain in general appearance. Very broad leaves and wide shaped buds. Super dense almost "rocky" composition. Orange-red hairs surface from any bigger leaves they squeeze out from under. Thick, fuzzy stems.


Fairly odourless in the bag but once you start to break it up a fresh pine-eucalyptus scent emerges. There are hints of sweetness which makes you even more keen to sample it.


This stuff is very heavy on the throat because it is so coated with swollen resin particles. A very sharp icy-pine-ammonia flav immediately covers your tongue and hangs around for awhile. I even drank some OJ and could still taste it 30 minutes post-session.


Very strong high that bordered on "too much". My body was affected in a zombie-high style, which made me kind of dip my head now and then like I was gonna blackout. Of course I wouldn't do that but my eyes kept "losing the horizon" as I sat on the bar stool. This sea trip lasted for about an hour before I got my "land legs" back!


This was some potent weed! Strong and sharp hydro with an expansive feeling in the lungs when you smoke; they feel like they can't keep it down. You "cruise" on this high but don't add alcohol like me or you may be sea-sick!

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