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Caramella Cream

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Caramella Cream
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Nov 25, 2005


CC entry 2005, imported hash, Moroccan Pollen.


This is dark and nearly rock hard. The outer skin is actually barely darker than the centre. If you look closely, you will still see a layered structure but it is very compacted, indicating a hard press. You need a strong thumbnail to tackle breaking this gear up, but once it gets a little warm, it starts chipping away with the consistency of a chocolate Milk Dud candy.


The smell of this is chocolatey with a bit of a "smoke" scent that comes in between a light peppermint overtone. As it burns, you can not miss the clouds of smoke that linger around the room. Fantastic.


The flavour is REALLY heavy. It literally "coats" your throat. It "tingles" as it goes down! We were enjoying a night out and a few drinks and I must say how much I enjoyed an ice cold beer with a pre-dinner joint of this. Pleasurable indeed.


The FX are really smooth and settling. You just feel like easing back into a soft sofa and casually observing things around you; in my case, I lit up a spliff at the Supper Club while we enjoyed a dinner with some colleagues from work. The lights on the wall dimmed off and on and stirred a feeling of simple bliss within me.


Nice hash from Barney's; it is not as "pretty" as some of the other entries with regard to its structure and cuts; however, it more than makes up for its looks with a gorgeous flavour and strong, although still "calming" FX. This one can't be missed by the judges!

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Barneys Coffeeshop

Haarlemmerstraat 102
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Barney's Lounge

Reguliersgracht 27
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