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White Smurf

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White Smurf
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Oct 14, 2005


White Widow Hybrid, Bio.


Wow, this is some seriously crystal-covered weed! For fans of the "white weeds", you will not be disappointed; I have not seen such powdery buds all year! The pieces are not too large but they still are quite "fluffy" as you begin to break them up! It is rare to see such a large amount of crystals in such great shape; not much falls off as you break it up, proving a perfect cure.


The smell is very "green", like fresh clipped herbs. As you burn a joint of it, the air in the room gets foggy and you can not miss the pungent aroma that is released. This is not one of those ones you can easily hide from the neighbours. Even outside, this weed was stinking up the whole block!


The taste is like inhaling smoke while chewing on a peppermint. Icy-cool and sweet. There is a soft burn left at the back of the throat and you feel like you are going to explode as your lungs fill to capacity� then whoosh� a big cloud of smoke is exhaled and you feel�.


STONED! Yes, another great Smurf-grown, full-blown, white monster-sample. It has you feeling twisted, not sure if you are stoned, high, dopey or just plain stupid! I like the feeling this gives cos the trip has been different every time I have smoked it.


This is a great all-around smoke. Not too heavy on the flavour (for those of you who can't stand Hazes) but still great for a "white". The FX are often a wild ride between strong visuals, talkativeness and then just plain being stoned! A mixed bag of tricks is what you can expect from Softland's White Smurf.

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