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Honey Maroc
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Mar 9, 2005


This one of the best guarded secrets of Morocco! Also known as "Puntjes" from the manner of pressing. See the earlier review "Puntjes" from Coffeeshop Aggie to learn more.


Bloody hell, this stuff is sooooo nice. Imagine being a serious chocoholic, and coming face to face with some fresh gooey fudge fresh outta the oven! It's impossible not to take bite, similar for a serious smoker like me, I just HAD to build a joint when this stuff was dropped on my desk. A shiny exterior shows the lovely oils here and the interior is really cake-like and layered.


If this didn't look good enough already, the smell is just another confirmation of the quality of this top hashish: Fresh, flowery and crystally-pine smelling, you know you are in for a heavy hit!


This has a choice flavour because the freshness of these strong cannabis plants is almost "locked in" as the hash is turned inwards and pressed in bags. If you are a fan of that really strong choco-minty-spice polm taste, this gets no better, damn straight.


Great polms always seem to "ground me", meaning that I just get extremely peaceful and day-dreamy. In this state, it's easy to see where the word "GROOVY" came to be! Totally appropriate, just goin� with the flow, stuck in a smoky groove for an hour or two�


Great gear with top FX, a dope place to toke in the futuristic Softland and the price is competitive� Whether you wanna surf the internet, or just toke out, pop in to the Coffeeshop Softland on your way down the Spuistraat; you won't be disappointed with the Honey Maroc!

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