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Choco Skuff

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Choco Skuff
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Sep 2, 2002


Skuff pressed from nederwiet grown in the Netherlands. Probably created from an ice-o-lator process.


"Golden brown", this skuff looks much more darker than most skuffs which tend to be lighter green or yellow. This is more like a super polm colour; seriously oily in content, yet you can still see the "grainy" trichomes even in this photo!


Minty-pine and very softly green skunk smelling. It's not just "in the name", but there is really a light chocolate scent like crushed cocoa beans that have been dried and sieved.


Being the curious cat I am, I bit off a little corner of this hash and it "melted in my mouth". the little grits that were left behind were also skunky with a "mint twist"!


Spacey, trippy, dizzying high. I think I smoked too much. Earlier I toked some and was mildly buzzed. This time I put it in a vapouriser and packed a fat-ass bowl... Whoops, a little TOO much as I started getting sick in my belly; "wait mate, kick back and watch Discovery Channel for awhile". A show about Submarines - "Sharks of Steel" followed by the History of Maoist China had me back to earth after a 2 hour orbit. Phewwww! This gear is potent.


I usually don't dig skuffs so much because they are always a bit damp and contaminated but this was like fine polm in many ways and that's cool for a change. With most skuffs, you have to smoke 'em in spliffs but this was quite right in the vapouriser which is rare! This is also great to smoke in a water pipe; it lights up easily and stays burning with a big blazin' cherry that requires no re-lighting. Ideal for bubblers with deep bowls like mine at home.

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