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Choco Mist

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Choco Mist
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Aug 2, 2002


White Widow hybrid with perhaps a Misty ????


Broad leafed and light green with a thick, very thick covering of yellowish-white crystals. Orange-red coli in small "clumps" stick out like little hairy tufts from behind the rounded bud clusters. Almost like a "styrofoam "S" (piepschuim) used for shipping packages, this weed is incredibly light and springy to the touch. Perfectly dried during the curing process.


This stuff rushes to your nose as you begin to break it up. A floral burst like a chopped up bouquet of flowers, the smell is pure and fresh.


You gotta take a dry hit off a spliff of this to experience the sweet freshness. For a weed this white (crystal covered), the flava can't be beat!


The FX are certainly strong... the opposite of Creeper Weed, this gear is in full effect almost immediately on the first exhale! Whowowoaaaahhh! You are hit with crisp, light-sensitive visuals that make you feel rather "spaced out" but still functional.


All this makes for a real SuperHerb. Super strong high that comes down rather lightly, good for pro smokers who wanna get blasted and have a few laughs in small groups...

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