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Purple Hair

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Purple Hair
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Jul 23, 2002


Mainly Sativa/Indica hybrid. Bio.


With few "hairs" actually this is purple-black bud and it looks wikid !!! I love these darker purple strains because they look so unreal. It's hard to believe it is part of the canna-fam. Burning in a joint is not easy as it tends to go out time after time. This is unique and a good sign of heavy resin coming from a strain which is usually over-dried and too easy to burn.


This is a luxurious and wonderful smell. As you break the herb up, lean forward and take a "whiff" of some of the potpourri! Sweet dried orange peel with bits of spice and licorice/anisette scents. Too good for words... see for yourself!


A Dry Hit leaves a bit o' spice behind. Vapourising is seems a bit metallic flavoured, but generally neutralising. If you are mixin it with tobacco you're gonna miss the true flava. This one should be sampled pure in my opinion. Purple strains never taste too good to begin with; this is no exception!


Wow, this stuff makes me feel visually tripped out and relaxed and calm at the same time! This is a rare combo of FX as things look all skewed with light/dark tricks and you see mild tracers... but then your eyes are half-shut and day-dreamy like a fine polm.


An excellent combo-high from a solid purple performer. Smell is "to die for", unfortunately the taste is dead! This is to be expected however, and the high is well worth the acrid flavour, so have an alcoholic bevvy and hit a fat joint while you surf the web!

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