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California RedBud

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California RedBud
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Oct 10, 2001


It seems to be a combo of some fine Californian Indicas with a strong cut of Sativa. Nice balance to keep the citrus scent/flavour going. I was told this is Panama Red crossed with California Orange Bud. Nice combo!


Large round nuggets with tiny narrow leaves covered by red hairs. A very light coating of crystals visible when held within an arm's length. Well manicured and cured to perfection for weed of this type.


Incredibly fresh and fruity. It's really sweet and almost candy-ish, like it's got sugar added.


Very much like it smells, except it has a very menthol-eucalyptus aftertaste. The best of both worlds is to be had with this combo of fruit and menthol!


It starts out slow, creeping along... At first I thought I was gonna get sleepy but then I started rising higher and higher... The high lasted considerably longer than normal for this type of weed and I found myself watching some crap on TV and loving every minute of it! This is some pretty happy weed. (I refuse to make one of those little smiley faces)


An absolute feast for the senses. Judging from the look of this gear, I assumed it was going to be another medium-ranged hairy bud but this one turned out to have quite a kick and a superb flavour. California, here I come!!!

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