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Berber Polm

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Berber Polm
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Jul 22, 2002


North Africa, the name indicates the Hamitic-Arab peoples who were nomads between Morocco and Egypt. Are they making hash now?


It coulda gone into the "dark section" because of it's colour but it is a polm! This gear is so well "crafted", it's gorgeous! The layers are beautifully cross cut into thin slivers of hash wafers fully displaying the lengthy process of pressing powder into layer over layer. It bends softly with the greatest of ease and starts to get real dark with some "finger rolls".


Minty-choco well before it's even burned. When it does get smokin' (which don't take long to get goin'), there's the usual perfumed polm smell followed by a wee bit of earth, rock & chalk scent that you may find in Turkish or Lebanese hashes from time to time; must be a certain production method that gives it this "dusty" afterscent.


The taste is nice and not as harsh as I thought it'd be considering it's "dusty" afterscent. Really quite smooth and flowery-herbal-minty for a polm of this type. I smoked a half jointje of this hash with very little natural tobacco and the flava was grand.


A very light floating high, beginning mainly in the back of the eye, starts to set in and you feel sort of "out of it" without losing control. This makes for an ideal relaxed high, prior to a chilled evening at home entertaining a few mates.


All in all, this hash is really nice to sample because it gives you the benefits of the typical chilled FX associated with top polms combined with a unique flavour. A slight twist on the usual... well worth a smoke.

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