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Desert Storm

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Desert Storm
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May 27, 2003


Sativa-Indica hybrid, hydro.


White! This weed is simply covered with crystals. Tiny little clusters of calyxes are really "dusty" with powder. The few hairs that are present are covered by all this resin! It looks like some strong smoke!


"Green" out of the bag, but as you roll it up, a sweet burst of fresh pollen is released. It smells like it was cured to near perfection for this type of heavy-crystal weed.


Fresh and surprisingly not too harsh for such a Pumped-Up, crystal-white bud strain. Usually these are really like smoking a joint dipped in rocket fuel because your lungs feel like they have been burned out! Not here though; it is surprisingly smooth�


If you want to get BLASTED, choose this smoke. This is one of those "almost too strong" weeds! Visually, you get a sort of Typewriter High where the text on the TV starts to look like someone is typing it out letter by letter! Trippy FX. The feeling lasts for a long, long time also which means it is good value for money.


Not certain why they picked this aggro name but it certainly kicked the shit outta me! It is well cured and clipped and the smoothness of the smoke is hard to believe considering how powdery and powerful it is! For a sample, drop by the Andalucia Lounge (voted Best Coffeeshop 2002 by the Smokers Guide Friends).

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