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Boom Lebanon

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Boom Lebanon
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Jul 21, 2002


This (previously) rare hash comes from Lebanon. The U.S. gov't had promised money subsidies for Lebanese farmers to encourage them to grow anything other than cannabis; stating that the U.S. didn't hold their end of the deal, the Lebanese gov't has recently re-allowed farmers to grow cannabis again... lucky for us!


Reddish-light brown but i've still placed this in the light section because of it's production technique. This has a different look to North African polms because the layers are not so defined. Instead it's more of a mottled look of pressed grains of powder. This would usually mean that the hash was hard and rocky. Not so here; this gear breaks up soft and easy.


Before burning, a cocoa-butter smell is easy to detect. After burning it, a heavy blueish-white smoke fills the air. It lingers and settles around the bar nicely.


The flavour is still got that chalky kinda flava that seems to be prevalent in hashes like Turkish and Leb. I am not certain what may be added to give this flav... Anyway this was much fresher with a real polm taste of mint and sweet canna-blossoms.


The FX may cause a little light-headedness and a mild amount of dizzyness if you haven't smoked for awhile. Watch out, this gear will have your head "nodding off" like you are being hypnotized.


It's great to have a "true Leb" available in the Dam again! The previous samples were always so dry and old, they made me hack! This hash is fresh and tasty... Give it a try.

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