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King George V

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King George V
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Old Amsterdam

shop profile Amstelstraat 35


Oct 10, 2001




Medium brown and pliable to a degree until it snaps. The slices have been cut to about 5 mm in thickness and the "cross-section" shows the top quality. You see a great layered effect and pressing technique manifested here. No sign of contaminants... yeah!


Very soft and lightly honey-minted. The sweetness makes your mouth start to anticipate the taste!


Great flav comes through with a slight sugar-mint. There is no real spice or earth taste which means you are left with an icy-drip in the back of the throat.


Smooth high to be had with this one. Very chilled. I was mildy buzzin for about 60 minutes which made this a strong sample im my opinion.


This was one of the first samples from this coffeeshop i've tried. This hash is solid. No complaints and that's the idea when you are going for the top-shelf polms from Morocco. You will not be disappointed with this gear.

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