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Sky High

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Sky High
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Old Amsterdam

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Oct 10, 2001


Made from Power Plant strains in the Ice-O-Lator. (See "Gadgets" section in the Smokers Guide Shop)


Yellow green "strips" of pressed powder. A bit moist to the touch. It tends to "spread" apart between the fingers.


Slightly candy-cane mint scented. A sweet-green smell. Smells pretty pure and fresh with no signs of mould. (The pressing procedure often leaves traces of moisture and therefore, mould.) Not here.


A bit green for "skuff". I prefer a more crystal-minted flav but that is not always possible to maintain when pressed like this.


Nice strong and "peaking" high. A bit of a sleepy moment here and there but if you are in the right mind-set, that won't wreck ya too bad.


Skuff comes down to what it's made from foremost. The pressing method is the next factor that can usually screw it up but this one is fairly contaminant-free which is a serious plus. Worth a try if you are in the area.

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Old Amsterdam

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