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Dutch Delight

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Dutch Delight
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Oct 10, 2001


This is made from all the extra powder from the top gear that's passed through their hash bar!


It comes in larger "blocks" but as you carry it around in your pocket, it breaks up like little packed balls of yellow-white-green snow...


Smells like a bit of flowers, finger hash styleee but a bit fresher.


How on earth can you actually taste stuff that is this concentrated? Exhale all the air in your lungs, take one massive deep draw on a long pipe filled with this, and BA-BOOM explosive!!! Your lungs feel like FI-YA...


Makes you feel like you are SOOO spacy-stoned. Let your eyes get all blurry. (you have no choice here), float around, have a laugh, don't fall down...


This gear can make ya feel a wee sicky if you are not a serious pro. Even me, wow... too baked to write this!

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