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Mystery Chunk
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Oct 10, 2001


After trying it, I am guessing Afghanistan, via a room full of cat hair and dust balls, stuck to the bottom of someone's filthy shoes.


It looks good from far away, but upon closer inspection it begins to look a bit like dog shit, complete with strands of hair and lint mashed in. The photo here can't really convey the "smashed chewing gum in the street after one week" look!


There is definitely some real hash hidden in here, I can smell it, but I dare not stick my nose too close!


Honestly, this tastes good for a little bit, then you taste some hair, thread, or worse, and you gag a little bit. It tates nasty.


I couldn't handle the taste for long enough to actually inhale much, so if it does get you high, I wouldn't know! Even if I were desperate, i'd give up before smoking this one.


Man, I can't believe that places sell this crap. ALWAYS check the gear you buy for impurities under a light! I really never review stuff as poor as this, but considering two of our readers took the time to send it in, I figured I might as well review it. Unfortunately, this sample was sent unmarked which means it could be from any one of the tourist spots... Whoever is selling this stuff is bad news.

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