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Very Powerful

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Very Powerful
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Oct 10, 2001


Power Plant/Afghani hybrid.


Dense nuggets covered with thick crystals. Well formed and perfectly matured. The THC crystals were at their peak, looking ready to explode!


Metallic/chemical scent is oddly appealing when you know how much fun you're gonna have!


There was a bit of a metal flavour. Do I detect trace elements from the hydro? Make sure you have a tomato juice (or rather a Bloody Mary) nearby to drown the raw mineral taste!


Guess what? This shit is VERY POWERFUL! (How long did it take to come up with this name?) Nice quick high achieved with only about two tokes.


Even though it tastes a bit "hydro'd" I was still using this as my heavy hitter (strongest gear in my posession) last week. Excellent, long lasting high! As always, a great value for money from this mellow shop.

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