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Daboween Michigan 2016

Saturday 29 October 2016

Vehicle City Social
3166 Comer
Flint, Michigan

This will be the second year of Bury the Hatchet AKA as DAB O Ween, where the Community comes together as a whole. No Politics No Speeches and no sales of any kind to make money.

This is total free FREE EVENT for patients and caregivers. There will be Free food, Free T Shirts at the door, a Free photo booth and much more to come.

Dab O Ween is not about Dabs folks, it is a bring you own medicine party and yes a medical card will be required as a photo ID the matches the State your Med card is registered in. No copies will be made and NO exceptions will be made with those with out a card. 

Be Creative this years Best Costume will recieve $1,000.00 in cash along with prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. Second place will receive a two day two night pacgage at Great Wold Lodge in Traververs City for four.... provided by Clio Cultivation.