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Irish Premiere of GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Drury Buildings
55 Drury Street

This September 13th sees the Irish premiere of the award winning GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution, in Dublin. The screening is part of an evening focusing on medical cannabis patients, their stories, their campaigning and their hope for the future.


About The Film
GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution explores medicinal cannabis, the patients involved and the campaign to change UK law. 30 year old Clark French has Multiple Sclerosis. He battles against his debilitating illness, but also against social stigma and the law. However, he does not treat his MS with conventional medication, he self-medicates illegally, with cannabis. Over 3 years GrassRoots delves into the socially, politically and media astute cannabis campaigners lives, questioning negative perceptions. But now they are ready to take their cause into the mainstream.


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