SmokersGuide Event Profile

The Secret Cup Amsterdam 2016

Sunday 28 August 2016


 The Secret Cup is a very different event, because NOT ONLY do we go all over the USA and even internationally to determine the best hash makers and cannabis growers, but we also have them MEET IN THE FINALS to determine one final champion. Thats not all, the varieties and styles of cannabis and hash also go head to head and the competitors in The Secret Cup are also the judges, they all compete evenly all year. Obviously we do not allow them to vote for themselves and we also monitor the process very closely to make sure there are no alliances or anything else that would impact the result.

The competitors each must purchase their entry position, then on a date provided they must drop off their samples in the weights and containers they are instructed to use. The samples are randomly labeled and arranged in kits for distribution to the competitors the following day. They will have a few days from that point to test their samples privately or in a centralized home base location with the other competitors, in places we are able to have one, where they can relax, network and converse more openly and freely. The following weekend the voting is concluded and the results are awarded.