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GraceGlass Smoke Out Weekender 2015

Thursday 26 November 2015 - Sunday 29 November 2015

RADION Amsterdam
Louwesweg 1
1066 EA Amsterdam

At the new, only 1 year old RADION Amsterdam. In the day time a expo and seminar; and in the night time we will be having a 'DanksGiving' and 3 music events featuring Reggae, Jungle/DnB and Deep House/Techno.

*** This event is taking place between Thursday 26th November and Sunday 29th November in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ***

DanksGiving Hemp Infused ThanksGiving Dinner (Limited to 80) : €37.50
**The dinner ticket is separate to the rest of the weekender **

Expo Pass: €15 Weekend Pass /€7.50 Day Pass
Music Pass: €12.50 per evening event, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Total weekend pass costs: €52.50 (Excluding the DanksGiving)!!!!

DAY 1 - Thursday 26 Novemeber

DanksGiving: Dinner for up to 80 lucky people. (DanksGiving ticketa include free entrance to the night event). 19:00pm-22:00pm
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Night Event: GG x Dub XL - 23:00pm-06:00am
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DAY 2 - Friday 27 November

Expo: GG Smoke Out Expo - 11:00am-22:00pm
Seminar: Medical & Political Seminar sponored by 'Sensi Seeds'
Night Event: GG x LDN Huis
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DAY 3 - Saturday 28 November

Expo: GG Smoke Out Expo - 11:00am-22:00pm
Night Event: GG x DnB XL - 23:00pm-06:00am
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DAY 4 -  Sunday 29th Novemeber

Awards & Competition's Day Around the Centre
The Elite Cup Judging

8 hours of the finest Seminars, Lectures, Presentations and Talks from:

Mila - The Hash Queen
VOC w/ Derrek & Has
The story, vaping and the health benefits w/ Cananmelier
Cooking with Cannabis & The Health Benefits w/
How to make Cannabis Coconut Oil w/
Edibles w/ 1Plug
RosinTech w/ Dave Cannamelier
AutoFlowering' w/ Mephisto Genetics

Prizes will be awarded for best;

Sativa, Indica, Hash, Hash Import, Solventless - rosin, bubble, full melt etc. , Best CBD Based product, Best Edible, Best Glass, Best Innovative Cannabis Product, Best T-Shirt/Merchandise Design, Best Joint Design/Creation, Best Blunt, Best Speech/Talk, Best Newcomer to the industry, Best Seedbank, Lifetime Achievement, Best Coffeeshop Overall


As well as public competitions including,  Ultimate Dab Challenge(s) - Dabs before midday,  MIlk-Da-Bong with Grace Glass's biggest bong - Biggest milked bong hit with the Big Boy - Grace Glass @ Utopia Hotel/Coffeeshop, Bong-Pong with Grace Glass, Joint & Blunt Rolling and the Gas Mask Challenge - how long can you smoke? 


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