SmokersGuide Event Profile


Friday 11 September 2015 - Sunday 13 September 2015

Avda. Iparralde 43
E-20302 Irun, Spain

EXPOGROW offers the public the possibility of visiting the various stands of known seed banks, grow and hydro companies, headshops and distributors of vaporizers, and other companies specializing in cannabis related products.

EXPOGROW presents a new edition of the EXPOGROW Cup for 2015, the 4th year in a row, cups will be presented for Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Autoflowering, Best Concentrate and Best Solventless. As well as awards for Best Booth, Best Seedbank, Best Product, Best fertilizer and Activist Recognition Award of the Year.

You'll also find the 2nd European Flame Off, a competition where a number of glassblowers have a specific time to create a piece. Having held a small Flame Off last year Smokinggear in Denmark with five participants, this year you level up in Expogrow with, so far, 10 participants. The goal through this event is that the glassblowing is represented in Europe.