SmokersGuide Event Profile


Saturday 5 December 2015 - Monday 7 December 2015

Cantina del Latu

11500 Montevideo, Uruguay

Originated by the recognition of the medical, therapeutic and industrial potential of cannabis and hemp. It is based upon the current legal situation in Uruguay following the approval of the Parliament, with the law regulating the cannabis market in the country. This law allows the production and scientific research or hemp and cannabis.

EXPOCANNABIS is a contribution to the de-mystification of cannabis providing information to the public about the risks and damages about its misuse. It also helps to destigmatize cannabis consumers. Aiming to demonstrate the broadening the spectrum of the different uses of this plant and demonstrating the potential of industrial hemp; either as construction and insulating material; as paper or textile fiber; for biofuel and bioplastic; and for the nutritional value of its seeds.