Take Advantage Of The Smok Nord Kit - Read These 10 Tips

If you are considering going smoke-free, you have probably read that pod vape kits are great for transitioning into the world of vaping. Today, we are here to talk about another great product from SMOK’s kitchen - the SMOK Nord Kit.

We’ve thoroughly tested the product to deliver this Smok Nord review. So be sure to check that out. Here is what you need to know to take full advantage of this versatile pod vape.


Innovative Durable Design

Smok Nord Kit comes with a chunky body and a durable plastic shell. It features cobra-style side panels. You can get Smok Nord Kit in over 20 colors to easily incorporate it into your style. The USB charging port is suitably located at the bottom of the device allowing you to plug in the cable to charge your kit seamlessly.


Easily Slips Into a Pocket

The Nord is one of the lighter kits on the market. It weighs only 80 grams. It fits perfectly in your hand, and you will be able to consistently use it throughout your day without getting your hands fatigued. Due to its compact build and small size (94 x 39 x 18.8 mm), the Smok Nord Kit slips easily into any pocket.


Great Battery Life

The Smok Nord Kit is powered by the 1100 mAh battery, which is quite impressive for a device of this size. This battery is more than enough to get you through your day on a single charge, even if you frequently hit that fire button. The only thing that we didn’t like was the length of the charger cable it comes with. You will definitely want to use a longer cable for easier charging.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is an essential aspect of every vape kit, especially if you are a novice vaper. Fortunately, the Smok Nord Kit is built with ease of use in mind. Everything is seamless with this device ranging from charging and vaping to changing coils and maintenance. For the best performance, you should make sure to clean your Smok Nord Kit regularly. Don’t forget to turn it off when you are done vaping or before you put it in your pocket. You can accidentally press the fire button and burn your coil.


Smok Nord Kit Pods Are Easy to Fill

The pods that come with the SMOK Nord Kit are very easy to fill. Filling pods to the max capacity can be tricky, but you can pull it off by filling a pod while holding it at a slight angle. We were surprised to find out that the fill port on the Nord Kit pod is large enough to take all standard droppers installed in e-juice bottles.

Support for Direct Lung Mesh Coils

If you like making big clouds, you should know that the SMOK Nord Kit comes with support for direct lung mesh coils. It even comes with a direct lung mesh coil in its original packaging. Replacing the coils is easy, which will enable you to use your pods for a while before you need to replace them.


Standard Mouth to Lung Coils Support As Well

Besides direct lung mesh coils, the SMOK Nord Kit supports mouth to lung (MTL) coils as well. MTL coils are an excellent option for those of you trying to go smoke-free. They provide a great vaping experience, which is very similar to smoking a real cigarette.


Smok Nord Kit Additional Coil Support

Once you become vaping savvy, your SMOK Nord Kit will be able to accommodate your advanced needs. How come? It also supports 0.8-ohm mesh MTL coils and 1.0-ohm ceramic MTL coils. Keep in mind that these don’t come with the kit, and you will have to purchase them separately.


Abundant Airflow

The size of the cloud and the flavor do not only depend on the coil you are using and its lifespan. The airflow is another important factor here. Fortunately, SMOK Nord Kit has abundant airflow. It produces high-quality vapor, and due to the well-optimized airflow, you will be able to make big clouds and enjoy the full flavor of your favorite e-juices.


LED Notification System

The SMOK Nord Kit comes with a LED light notification system so you can always know your battery charge level. To check your battery, all you have to do is click the fire button two times in a row. The green light indicates that your battery is above 70%, yellow indicates that it is between 30 and 70%, while red signals that your battery life is below 30%.

There is no better way to conclude our Smok Nord review but to say that this device delivers outstanding performance for its price range. The sturdy design, excellent battery capacity, and support for four types of coils will help you enjoy vaping and fantastic flavor.







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