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Review and Rating by Xalior

review created on : 19 Oct 17
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A true visual spectacular visit.

This place is an amazing treat for the eyes, stoned or otherwise.  It's full of great UV reactive wares in all shapes and sizes and prices. And has portable UV, full size UV, and pocket UV lights incase you're just beginning your trippy-setup.

I'm sure the owners don't appricate the hordes of battered visitors wandering around falling over each other while the drool at the cool stuff, but it's a fab wee visit, and I've never once had either bad customer service, or been told "Buy something or get out" as many shops of this ilk can be.

It's also super central, and only a few minutes from Centraal, so there's no excuse not to have a look in, unless it's closed, of course! :D

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review created on : 19 Oct 17

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