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Tweede Kamer

Heisteeg 6

Review and Rating by deastman

review created on : 24 Jun 17
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have been smoking since the 60s...friends were growers in humboldt...expat living here for almost 20 yrs.  this place is small but fiiiiiiiiiiiine.  good vibes(esSENtial...if you don't get that then don't waste the herb, please), good product at good prices.  eSPECIALly for amsterdam.  i was VERY surprised, to be honest.  not easy to do to an exNYer...  ; - )   only downside of this place is the size...there seemed no comfortable place to sit, so i bought and split...still...i enjoyed my time there...friendly behind the counter people are ALways a plus...i'm tired of the jaded, lackey/bureaucrat type power trip some of these other dumbshits seem to think they're entitled to because they're selling plants...THEY're missing the point...and i always start looking for another place to buy imMEDiately...i live in Leiden, 25m(and worlds)away from a'dam...but this is DEFinitely a stopping point for me from now on, if i'm in the Centrum.  i bought the jack herrer.  an old favorite.  not that easy to find anymore...i REALly like it.  in den haag/the hague a similar(not quite as good, imo) hybrid sells for 10/g.  at de kamer it's 8.5.  in AMsterdam!   we 'southerners' are always talkin about how the weed is so much more expensive in a'dam.   AND good vibes...customers, too...nice buzz/chill mix...good music(VERY important, of course  ; - )   enjoy.  and to hell with your mother...listen to whatever the weed tells stop being so petty...or have faith...krishna provides...

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review created on : 24 Jun 17

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