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Greenhouse United

Haarlemmerstraat 64

Review and Rating by Tuckerborr

review created on : 27 Jan 10
  • 9.0
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customer service
  • 8.0


a fairly big shop with nice seats and an amazing fish tank in the floor. watchin them fishies swim round like pefect thing to do when trashed on fine weed yo.
Marijuana menu: good shit. pp1 and hawaiian haze, getting shot on this shit is a real pleasure.
Service & staff: i just asked for the green and the vaporiser shit, and thats all i got from this guy. he seemed pissed off bout something, who cares anyway lol he did speak like 5 languages tho, pretty cool.
Summary : WATCH YOUR STEP!! i didnt see the tank at first, after a vapo bag of pp1 i walked over to get a drink n thought i was fallin in it, i let out a small yelp!! lol so funny, go here n see

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review created on : 27 Jan 10

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