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Herengracht 133

Review and Rating by Tuckerborr

review created on : 25 Jan 10
  • 10.0
marijuana menu
  • 10.0
customer service
  • 10.0

in the top 5 for sure

A real high quality feel to this place. nice comfy seats and trippy wallpaper. a sexy coffee shop.
Marijuana menu: G13 Haze, Top Dogg, Sweet Tooth, Morning Glory, Amnesia Haze, Amnesia Lemon, L.S.D all in the same place!!!! need i say more.
Service & staff: a little arrogant in there atleast one guy was. my friend asked if top dogg was any good, he just turned and starred at the cannibis cup. I think that means yes lol.
Summary : in the top 5 for sure. a little exspencive but you get what you pay for, always a first stop on my trips to the dam.

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review created on : 25 Jan 10

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